脈思脈得建築 Mass Matter Architecture

脈思脈得建築事務所 / MMA [Mass Matter Architecture] 是一個多元化的新興建築事務所, 我們相信建築 [Architecture] 代表對世間萬物 [Mass Matter] 之間關係的重組和整理。我們致力於幫助客戶整理項目脈絡重新組織關係以達到新的事物平衡找到最佳解決方案。
MMA is a forward thinking young architectural studio, we believed that [Architecture] is a multi-principled reconstruction on everything [Mass Matter] in the world. We are committed to helping customers by organize the context of projects to achieve the new balance of things and the best solution could emerged.

關於我們 About us

紮根兩帶 [珠三角 /長三角 ] 三城 [ 香港 / 深圳 / 上海 ] 的全方位建築設計服務網絡。
A full-service architecture design network in three cities [Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Shanghai ] within two main economic zone. MMA founded in 2018 by Yang WANG Ruizhao ZHANG and partners with more than 10 years experience in architectural field in Hong Kong, UK and The United States. Over 30 staff from many regions are spread throughout the network in streamlined structure that enables us spend less time organising and more time on designing and collaborating with our clients.

願景 Vision

一個建築項目從設計到建成通常要經歷三到五年,所以我們關注未來和新科技新設計思維的發展,現實的技術和材料也可能隨著技術進步而在幾年的時間變得多餘。我們相信構建不同studio的知識網絡是公司的基礎,我們長期保持和 AA Visiting School / 香港大學建築學院 /清華訪問學校 / 華南理工大學 / 深圳大學的長期教學課程合作,這些合作有助於我們完成我們的使命。

A project usually takes three to five years from design to completion, so we pay attention to the future and the development of new technology and new design methodology. Realistic technology and materials may also could become redundant in several years as technology developed. We believe that network of new knowledge between studios is the foundation of the company. We have long-term cooperation with AA Visiting School / School of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong / Tsinghua Visiting School / South China University of Technology / Shenzhen University, which help us complete our vision.

國際項目經驗 International Experience

MMA team has project experience in many countries including China, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. This has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. At the same time, our cooperation network enables our consultants, partners, and consultants all over the world to work efficiently anywhere in the world.