MMA合伙人汪洋作参与薩凡納藝術設計學院(香港)建筑学方向课程讲评 | WANG Yang participated Final Review critics for Architecture Related Major in SCAD HONG KONG .

汪洋受邀参与薩凡納藝術設計學院(香港)2018年度建筑相关专业课讲评,包括参与中期以及最终课程成果讲评。课程设置特点是对来自不同艺术专业的学生选修建筑学方向的学术探讨。其课程成果着重于对空间的艺术化表达以及多角度多视角的空间拓展研讨 | WANG Yang is invited to participate Architecture related studio review critics in SCAD for 2018 semester. Key Feature of this studio is to explore and extend architectural related research with the students from other art majors through trying artistic spatial presenting and research.

2018.03_SCAD Hong Kong

MMA合伙人汪洋作为主要讲师参与深圳大学2012年春季学期“参数化探索”课程 | WANG Yang as key tutor participated Shenzhen UNIVERSITY “PARAMETRIC APPROACH” Studio of 2012 Spring Semester

在此课程中,深圳大学以及导师团队尝试以4个月三学分的重点课程充分研究参数化设计以及实体建造的相关探索,这在中国范围内的高校中尚属首次。最终成果完成了1:1真人尺度的实际建造。课程分为三个阶段。第一阶段通过基于犀牛、Tspline, grasshopper等参数化软件的应用进行形体生成研究以及概念创作,同时通过尺度、体验、视觉效果反馈给成果研判;第二阶段研究尝试几何形体优化、实体建造逻辑分析,以及材料、结构的模拟打样;第三阶段进行节点设计以及真实材料以及1:1尺度实体建造 | In this studio, We have almost four month to develop parametric approach throughout sufficient three stages of study, which is very unique, advanced and competitive studio over China-wide architecture schools. At First Stage of the studio, kicking off the conceptual design from basic geometry and form finding research based on program scale, human experience, visual working on RHINO, Tsplines, Grasshopper coding. At second Stage, developing a clear fabrication logic which is applicable to get the geometry optimized and built in reality. At third stage, pushing forward the detail design and joint refinement further through 1:1 physical model mock up in use of real material.


MMA合伙人汪洋作为讲师参与香港大学“数字实践”工作营 | WANG Yang as tutor participated HONG KONG UNIVERSITY “DIGITAL PRACTICE” WORKSHOP

为回应世界范围内数字技术涌现对建筑领域的影响,香港大学建筑学院举办为期两个星期的“数字实践”工作营,以几位香港大学教授主持,同时于香港邀请如汪洋等掌握先进数字技术的建筑实践者参与教学指导。项目课程为参与者提供多层次的基于电脑数字技术的教学体验,模拟对应建筑项目的概念、形式生成、优化以及实际构建 | In response to the concurrent digital evolution emerging in the architectural industry world-wide, the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong will host a two week intensive summer program named Digital Practice. Led by professors from The University of Hong Kong, as well as invited WANG Yang from practitioners with expertise in practice of cutting edge digital techniques, the program offers participants opportunities to experience. applications of computational tools during different stages of an architectural project, i.e. concept design, form finding and optimization, delivery, management and communication of design information under the team-based working environment.


MMA合伙人汪洋作为讲师在武汉参与四校联合举办的“机械材料性”国际会议、及学生工作营 | WANG Yang as tutor participated “Materiality” International Conference and Workshop in Wuhan with Four leading Architecture Schools

中国四所著名学校共同举办的“机械材料性”—— 国际会议、武汉学生工作营为学生们创造了难得的机会让120余名学生体验并学习国际化先进的专业知识。作为在华中地区第一次举办的工作营,此次活动在中国建筑教育领域开创了“实验建筑”的趋势,并激发了广泛的兴趣。
在此次学生工作营中,以汪洋等导师指导的学习小组,题目着重于在数字技术和实际建造两方面探讨“纸”的材料特性和建造价值。题目可引申为“纸”作为一种可塑性很强的材料,易于折叠、裁剪、扭曲以及大规模的生产制造,因此赋予它对于数字化自由形式、复杂形体具有良好的可应用性。该小组最终学习成果以实体建造进行表达,效果极具表现力,获得师生一致好评。学习过程及成果得以在知名建筑期刊《新建筑》2012年开年刊进行详尽报道同时成为封面图片 | The Wuhan Workshop: International Conference on Machinery and Materials, organized by four leading universities in China, provided the perfect knowledge sharing platform and unparalleled opportunity for over 120 students to learn from international professionals. The workshop, first of its kind in central China, created enormous interest in the architectural community and started a new trend in the practice of architecture. WANG Yang and other tutors led one studio which focused their workshop on Paper as a material to be studied in both the physical and digital space. Paper is a ‘flexible material’; the ease to fold, cut, twist and mass fabricate give paper an ‘immateriality’ and ‘digital’ property comparable to the flexibility in computational forms. The Production of this studio is well presented as 1 to 1 scale fabrication and reported in famous <New Architecture> magazine.