Infinity Platform_Westkowloon Pavilion / 无限舞台_香港西九龙文化区观景亭设计


Infinity Platform_Westkowloon Pavilion
无限舞台 | 香港西九龙观景亭

项目位置:香港特别行政区 | 中国
占地面积:27,000mm X 9,000mm

Throughout the human history, whenever we design either a shelter or skyscraper, no matter it’s a temporarily gathering space or permanently living inhabitation we always facing the one solution, that is to create multiple surfaces. We created walls to block the wind; canopies to shade the sun; floors to reduplicate the usable grounds; stairs or lift to get you in-between vertical surfaces.


The inspiration of INFINITY PLATFORM Pavilion comes from the traditional East Asian folding fan, an ancient clever trick playing with space and surface, by folding and rearranging the location of each fan blade, the nature of a fan can shift between maximum density and maximum superficial area. The invention of traditional handicraft of folding fan could trace back thousand years in East Asia. It represented the eastern special philosophy.

Instead of designing a pavilion with certainty of floors, walls and windows, the INFINITY FLATFORM Pavilion was design as a transforming architecture, eight floor slabs can swift from ceilings to stairs, from floors to canopies by just rotating around the core. Base on the event, the Platform can transform itself to maximum roof area with stairs access to the top to meet the demanding of a stage show concert; it can stretch out to multiple directions with maximum cantilever canopies to provide covering space as a shelter and maximum setting stairs as an amphitheater; It can be folding up becoming an observation deck on the top and a gathering space with setting area underneath.
In STAGE2 of the design, we are looking deeply into the structural solution, trying to further study the structure base on tradition Chinese/ Japanese timber structure and mechanical engineering.


The structure was design into two isolated part.:


A modern lightweight steel structure system of the top floor supported with a central steel core and a Y column, together with a basement beams structure give it an integrated firm structure system. The slab was covered with timber façade and timber deck, and steel core is the vertical circulation. This modern light steel structure gives a 14m span and leave a shaded and covered area underneath.


A timber slabs stacking system. In the design of traditional Japanese Pagoda there is a design imbedded both the intelligence of ancient Asian timber work and the movability and flexibility of a mobilized building, the Japanese Pagoda layer by layer build upon a centralized core or pillar, each floor stacking on another, attached but not structurally connected, this structure gives the tower enough mobility to survive against earthquake and the pagoda was able to service for thousand years. The platform was but by purely timber structure with rails and wheels that they can move around the central core.

另一個是堆棧式的木結構體系。在傳統日式木塔結構中,有一個堅固而又靈活的結構體系一直深藏其中, 日式木塔每一層的木結構都圍繞核心柱一層一層堆砌而成,每一層結構相互堆疊而又不緊密連接,這給了木塔結構穩定而又靈活的結構體系,在地震的時候結構靈活性起到了作用,每層木塔可能發生旋轉和移動而結構不會損壞而使得木塔可以保持千年之久。所以無限舞臺的設計中每一層堆棧的樓板結構之間由輪組和軌道堆砌而成,每一層都可以環繞鋼結構核心筒轉動而不需要和主結構相連接。


Mechanical engineering solution came from another ancient trick from China, the legend southward cart was designed 5000 years ago, with a simple and effective method this device was able keep balance between two wheels, by carefully control the radiation between two wheels.


Inspired by this simple and effective technique, A wheel and stopper system was installed under each slab to keep the rotation degree between every two slabs (refer to 1:1 detail model), each stopper can only rotate 15 degrees in the next rail of the nearby slab, and the force can be transfer from on slab to another.

由對這個技藝的研究,一個輪組滑軌系統和限位系統被設計在了堆棧木樓板結構中,每一個樓板下面都有輪組和導軌組成,每一片樓板之間的輪組都安裝有限位器,而將轉動保持在15度 (輪組和導軌系統請見1:1比例模型),而通過限位器,每一片樓板的轉動都將被傳到到相鄰的一片。

The INFINITY FLATFORM is an interacted building, by certain management people can change the form base on the whichever function that is in need. a handrail was invited into the lowest slab, the design was optimized that without and bearing or electric motor, the slab system can simply operate by push the handrail and the slabs will start to transform. Architecture is not permanent building that given by other people, architecture is an interactive art work.