Jiangmen Sugarcane Factory Adaptive Reuse / 江门甘化厂工业遗存活化设计


Jiangmen Sugarcane Factory Adaptive Reuse

项目位置:江门 | 中国
建筑类型:概念策划/ 景观规划/ 建筑设计
建筑面积:61,980 ㎡


The core element of the project is sugar, which also ACTS as a catalyst to stimulate the production of dopamine in the human brain, bringing pleasure


We hope to implant the element of sugar into the base in a new form, as a catalyst to promote the happiness of the region again. At the same time, it also symbolizes the crystallization of one industry after another, and triggers people’s memories of the heyday industrial era of Jiangmen


We insert new program as catalyst into old factory space. Unique spatial interaction is created between new function and old factory property. New sugarcane museum would not only have memory of history, but also meet requirement of current urban life.